Sunday, September 21, 2008

PaperSparrow/BungleBearDesgins @ Rivertown Craft fair

Today, I went to the Rivertown craft fair in Deland! It was my first craft fair!!! I loved it. I dragged my boyfriend, and I think he secretly liked it too, because he certainly dropped $40 on this candle thing lol.
So, I bought some amazing prints/gocco's from Andrea over @ PaperSparrow/BungleBearDesgins.
She was so adorable and her and her (?)boyfriend were super nice. My boyfriend bought this super cool candle thing. It's a stone that is lacquered to look like wood, and it's a candle. I don't do it justice with my description so I'll post a picture (which i don't do justice for either =( )

Now I'm inspired, I'm gonna go do stuff!!!
Oh!!!!!!!!!!! ANDDD, i won paper from AVeryMaryDesign! She has the cutest shop! I'm super excited about it!
I have to go do stuff now. <3


thetinylittlegirl said...

that rock candle thing is pretty cool. love craft fairs!

Bobbi said...

that's a cool picture. You should post it on "Hey Harriet's" shadow shots.