Tuesday, September 16, 2008

VanillaJoy Giveaway!

Hey guys! Check out VanillaJoy's giveaway!!!!
It's for the MiniBox (by The Original Scrapbook)which is a workplace/storage solution for every kind of crafter! This kind of thing only exists in my organized addicted mind!!!!!!!! I love the little label holders for each box. I would cry and cry and cry as many tears as I could to own one of those!!!! My "craft space" is basically a table in the cat's room (since the cat was there first lol). My cat is 20 years old, and he's deaf and blind. He can't quite make it to the litter box (which is on the floor RIGHTnextTOme....*crinkles nose*)...so sometimes i wake up and rub my groggy eyes and step in either his poo, pee or vomit (or any combination of the 3) once a week. I also feel bad that I pile everything on the table...what if something rolls off and my kitty eats it and/or chokes!!!!! I would feel horrible. I need a nice organized place to stash all my stuff...and this is a dream come true (with a hefty price tag not in my vocabulary!!).
Click the banner to be directed to VanillaJoy's website!

If you enjoy that, you'll enjoy Vanilla Joy's blog in general. She has great tips and advice on parenting. Her advice ranges from family fun activities to positive discipline for children. I mean her posts are very helpful and full of great ideas! Just check out her original date ideas or her childrens face painting. She also reviews products sometimes like obaji products. You guys really need to check out her blog as well as The Original Scrapbook for great storage pieces.



w said...

holy camoly.

i've never seen a mini box. and now, i want a work box.

hmmm. how should i approach my hubby...

"i just don't have enough room". (throw temper tantrum)
"i just don't have enough room".

HerAnatomy said...

lol. WendiWinn! You are like an internet celebrity to me...and for you to comment on my blog, is like a huge honor lol.
I feel like a dork now...hahahah
You approach your hubby like this:
"Build one for me? *pouty face*"
If I don't win, I will build one!!!!!! Must have it lol.